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You can avoid the unexpected expense of replacing a leaking oil tank with our TANK-GUARD Program. It covers up to $2000 towards a new oil tank replacement.

Condensation and sludge buildup on the tank bottom is a natural occurrence over time. It does not harm your oil burner, but it can cause the tank to corrode and eventually leak.

TANK-GUARD is an effective corrosion inhibitor which neutralizes the corrosive elements that collect on the bottom of an oil storage tank and it helps to extend oil tank life. Plus, TANK-GUARD comes with the valuable tank replacement warranty for your complete protection and peace of mind.

If you have a leak due to internal corrosion while it is covered by the TANK-GUARD warranty, your tank will be replaced at no charge for parts or labor.

Tank replacement is not covered under our service plan. Instead, we offer this economical TANK-GUARD Program as a separate service for oil tanks.

Because oil tank replacement is so expensive, we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this program. The warranty is provided by Lincoln Laboratory, a company which has served the oil heat industry for over 45 years.


TANK-GUARD is an effective rust and corrosion inhibitor which is made to be used in heating oil tanks. It helps to prevent tank leaks, and it is backed by a valuable warranty. If your tank ever does leak from internal corrosion while it is enrolled on the program, your tank will be replaced. You will be covered up to $2000 towards your new oil tank installation. Your enrollment must be renewed annually to retain the warranty protection.

How does the TANK-GUARD warranty work?

If your tank leaks from internal corrosion while it is enrolled on the TANK-GUARD Program, you will receive a replacement tank at no charge for the tank itself. Call us immediately when you notice a leak. We will check the tank and put on a temporary patch or pump the oil out if necessary. Then we’ll arrange to have it replaced. Your only cost would be for a permit and perhaps some safety upgrades required by new fire safety codes. (Refer to warranty notice slip for exact warranty language.)

What happens if the TANK-GUARD gets into my burner?

There is no harmful effect. The TANK-GUARD will burn right along with the oil.

How long do oil tanks last?

The useful life of an oil tank is unpredictable. Variables can include the amount of moisture condensation and the quality of the tank metal.

I have a new oil tank. Why would I need TANK-GUARD?

This is the ideal time to start with TANK-GUARD. The tank probably has very little rust now, and TANK-GUARD will prevent any new rusting. It’s a good safety measure.

My tank is ( 5- 20 ) years old. Should I start now with TANK-GUARD?

It would be a good idea. Tanks in that age range will have some amount of rust developing, and sometimes they do leak. Actually, experience has shown that newer tanks made with recycled metals often tend to corrode and leak more quickly than tanks installed many years ago.

My tank is over 20 years old. Can TANK-GUARD really help?

Yes, it can help your tank. It can’t repair corrosion damage that’s already done. But, TANK-GUARD can help to prevent further internal damage to the tank, so it is definitely worth using. Plus, if your tank should leak while it is enrolled on the program, it will be covered by the warranty which would give you a replacement tank for no charge.

Why are underground tanks excluded?

With all of the legal implications of underground tank leaks and possible contamination, we are not allowed to assume any responsibilities for these tanks.

What about repaired tanks?

No repaired tank (fiberglass cloth, epoxy, strapped on metal patch, cement lining, etc.) is eligible for the TANK-GUARD Program. A repaired tank is a potential safety hazard so if you have one we recommend that you replace it now with a new tank.

Does the TANK-GUARD warranty cover damages from spilled oil?

No. The TANK-GUARD warranty relates only to the provision of a replacement tank.

Do aboveground tank leaks usually cause contamination?

Leaks from internal corrosion usually start as slow drips, and people smell the oil before much has dripped out. It can usually be wiped up from a cement floor. Actually, the oil line supplying the burner is considered a bigger risk. If yours is not protected with a plastic outer sleeve, we recommend that you schedule us to come over soon to make this safety upgrade.

Why would my tank rust?

Moisture condenses from the air inside all oil tanks – even indoor tanks. The moisture (actually a small amount of accumulated water) is heavier than oil, and stays on the tank bottom where it can corrode the metal by oxidation (rusting) or electrolysis (pitting), eventually causing a leak.

How do you put the TANK-GUARD in my tank?

We pour it in during a regular fill, or during a service visit. It is a concentrate, so just a small amount is needed to treat the relatively small quantity of water in the tank bottom.

How often do you treat the tank?

It is treated once a year. This provides the best protection, and is also required for continuation of the warranty.

How can such a little bottle of TANK-GUARD do any good?
It is a concentrate and it is water soluble. It does not mix with the large quantity of oil in the tank. It mixes only with the relatively small amount of moisture and sludge in the tank bottom.

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